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Default It's Time to Get Mad Coach!

I'm not jumping off the Texan Bandwagon, and will be there to support out team against the Packers. But Coach Caper's, it's time to get mad and chew some ars. I'm getting tired of seeing your emotionless face with an open mouth every time the camera is on you during these past two blowouts. You need to get the attention of these athletes and wake them up, let them realize this will not be tolerated. I remember years ago seeing Jimmy Johnson just ripping his linemen up and down over a lousy first quarter, the result was improved play and a win. I've seen numerous other NFL coaches have these little meetings during the game to install a spark, but have yet to see you do this with the Texans.
Please do not allow this to happen next week against the Packers or the fans at the loudest stadium in the NFL will let you and the players know how they feel. I don't want to hear you comment tomorrow on how the players did not give up. The offensive line never showed up, they gave up before the game started. There's no way to sugar coat this loss. Get pssed and don't let the players have their day off, they don't deserve it. You need all the practive you can get right now.
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