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I didn't get to watch the game today. But boy am I glad. I have read through all of the comments and its really interesting.

If you recall we had a real discussion about the new blocking scheme and what was happening. I think the other teams have figured out what we are doing wrong and are taking advantage of it. Capers was sold a bill of goods and he bit hook line and sinker. Its too bad this ball club is looking the way it is, because we are a much better ball club.

The answer is we simply have a very, very poor coaching staff overall, particularly in light of the fact that their strength is suppose to be defense. The last two games have been total breakdowns. When a team plays this poorly with the talent we have, you really have to begin questioning what is going on. Is Davis the best back in the league, no! But I will say this, when the QB has the longest run for the season at 16 yards you have a problem. I don't think its all DD's fault. What has changed since last season? The answer is the blocking scheme...........

I suppose they are stuck with the scheme until the end of the season, but I would hope not. At least if they changed back, we would mess the other team up for a quarter or so. The confidence of this team has been destroyed. As a coach you have the responsibility of trying to put your team into a position to win. You are suppose to be able to keep your cool and judge what adjustments are necessary when things are going wrong. You see this coaching staff taking ridiculous chances when it doesn't count and being conservative when it counts.

I will simply go back to two weeks ago when it was 3rd and 1 on the 2. We throw an incomplete pass. I think that says it all and tells it all. When it comes to game management, this coaching staff has no clue. It has nothing to do with their character, but rather do they have what it takes to be a head coach. Unfortunately, I think the anser is that DC is a failure in this regard. He's a great assistant, but he is not head coaching material.
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