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Originally Posted by Scooter
...we've got an array of capable receivers, which one steps up and becomes a great #2 is yet to be seen & of the most importance ... behind aj there's gaffney, bradford, armstrong, and the multiple signings from this offseason. one of em has to make an impact.

i think our offense all comes down to carr though. is he still gun shy? has he been training on finding the 2nd or 3rd option? if he works, our entire offense is going to work IMO.
Scooter...I think you are dead on about Carr; Let's face it, everbody in that is playing in the NFL at WR can catch if the ball is where it needs to be, albeit some ALOT better than others.
Let me throw this one out to you...When is the last time Farve had a big time receiver...and how does the Pats WR corps stack up to the rest of the league? Those teams have outstanding QBs and systems that spread the ball around to everybody and it looks like it's pretty effective.
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