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Default This Whole Oline Should Be Fired!!!

I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like this Oline has improved at all since last season. They haven't had one good game all season. NOT ONE! They've had average games, not good ones. Games where Carr isn't sacked? Think about it. A mobile pocket QB like Carr should have a bunch of games where he isn't sacked. This Oline SUCKS and they are making the Indy D look like they have a pro-bowl front 4. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! When a group like Indy can manhandle you with just their front 4, than you aren't going to win games. That's how Tampa won a SuperBowl 2 years ago. Don't blame DD for not having a running game. The Oline is 80% at fault on this one.

I'm not a flamer; I'm not one of those people that think Palmer should be fired after every game; I'm a very reasonable and rational person. But this Oline has been pathetic all season. DISGUSTING! They've been man-handled against KC and Indy, some of the worst defenses in the league. Should I blame this zone blocking scheme? The blocking schemes (to my knowlege) doesn't change on pass plays; This Oline is just plain BAD. BAD BAD BAD.

Don't blame the defense either. I really think they've played the best they probably could have. Stopping this offense on about half their possetions is not too bad. Giving them too many possetions (ie not running any clock) is worse. Starting this off-season, we've got to start with the Oline. Forget depth on defense, a running back, or any of that stuff. We need Olineman like a fat kid needs cake.

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