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Default Absolutely Disgusting

Fat Jerry DeLoach gave up on a play to recover a fumble, the secondary looks as pathetic as it did when Matt Stevens was around, nobody tackles, the 3-4 is a joke, the o-line can't move or block anybody, and Dom Capers looks like he has no idea what's going on. Even if the Texans miraculously manage to win this game things need to change this off-season. Gary Walker is a 10 year veteran eating up salary for mostly getting injured, Rob Smith hasn't done much of anything. The enire defense could collect disabilty the way they drop like flies. Where's Antwan Peek? He's the only one that puts pressure on the QB and he's on special teams. The players look unmotivated and need someone to chew them out and get on them, Capers isn' t that guy. The 3-4 only works when the d-line is strong enough to break the o-line and the linebackers are fast enough to cover WRs. Week after week commentators say we look terrible, so it's just not a one game thing, it's been like this for 3 years.
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