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For those that feel Utah should be in a BCS game (if they win out), don't you feel the same for Boise State?

I don't feel Utah deserves to be in a BCS game because of their undefeated record. If you give their schedule to the other teams in the top 15, they'd all be undefeated as well.

But I don't like the guarantees that are tied in either. Just imagine:

As bad as the Big12 North has been this year, they'll have one team that will be one win away (winning the Big12 Championship game) from playing in a BCS bowl game.

The ACC (no team in the top ten) and Big East (one team in the top 10...barely) will each have a representative.

These are the bowl matchups I'd like to see (and think would be fair):

USC vs Auburn

Wisconsin vs Cal

Oklahoma vs Utah

Texas vs Georgia
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