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Originally Posted by DominatorDavis
I would like to see Wand in there as well but he is still just too raw. In the time that he was on the playing field last year he looked lost and confused. I hope he develops.
Originally Posted by SteelBlue
You aren't watching the same games I am watching. He was a surprisingly solid run blocker when I saw him play and didn't strike me as a player who looked "lost and confused".
OK, Wand did have some successful run blocks in the time that he was in there - and his upside is very good. But as far a starting right now I dont think that he has the pass play protection down yet. If he did - why didnt Capers and Palmer put him in there? It is his first year, going into his second - He is raw despite what you saw. He certainly didnt dominate the game and let me clairify by saying that he looked lost and confused on pass protection assignments. And that is typical of a rookie offensive tackle. I am not knocking the guy - he's a hoss and I like him. And I want him to dominate the NFL, but he is not ready. Unless there is something that I missed? I guess that that is my point - I should have explained myself better.
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