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The Broncos acquired the 41st pick previously held by Washington, a pick ahead of Dallas' original second round pick, 52. The Broncos original second round pick, pick 54, was behind the Cowboys. The trade with the Bills didn't change the fact that the Broncos were still ahead of the Cowboys in the second round.

During the draft coverage. I believe there was speculation that the Broncos traded with Cincinnati to move up ahead of the Pats and the Cowboys for a RB. It turned out they were targeting a LB in round one and they were content to use their first choice in round two, which was ahead of the Cowboys, as it remained, on a RB.

I agree it would have been more dramatic had the Broncos traded with Washington when Washington was on the clock.
So you agree that the Broncos didn't neccessarily trade up in order to get Tatum Bell. How could they have known back in March (when they aquired that 2nd rounder) that he'd even be available? I mean if they really wanted Bell, why not package their two 2nd rounders to move up to ensure they got him?

You've also already stated that the Broncos know what they're doing when drafting runningbacks. If so, how did Dallas goof by passing on Jackson, Kevin Jones and Perry in the first when the Broncos did the same thing (when it was speculated they traded ahead of New England and Dallas in the first to have their choice of RBs)?

I agree the situation is similar to the Texans and CBs, or even WRs last year, with Charles Roger. We will never know if the Texans would have taken DeAngelo Hall this year, or Charles Rogers last year.
Agreed. And I would guess you'd also agree that it'd be pretty stupid of me to come on here and claim that the Texans "settled" for both Andre Johnson and Dunta Robinson simply because they weren't in a position to be able to draft either Charles Rogers or Deangelo Hall.

It is obviously to a teams advantage to keep their intentions confidential, to avoid teams trading ahead of them and taking their pick (while we will never know, CC has suggested he became aware of other teams interests and traded up for Babin). Accordingly, I don't find the information you've suggested about interviews to be compelling.
Again...agreed. If it were only the interview, I'd agree on the 2nd part as well. And you'll have to forgive me for not buying into your theory that Dallas really wanted Tatum Bell...they just weren't in a position to draft him (wait a second, wouldn't that be like me claiming the Texans really wanted Charles Rogers and Deangelo Hall?).
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