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Originally Posted by Huge
But the Broncos didn't trade up to get Bell. The 2nd round selection they used on Bell came from the Portis/Bailey trade (way before the draft). Had the trade been made while Washington was on the clock, that'd be different.
The Broncos acquired the 41st pick previously held by Washington, a pick ahead of Dallas' original second round pick, 52. The Broncos original second round pick, pick 54, was behind the Cowboys. The trade with the Bills didn't change the fact that the Broncos were still ahead of the Cowboys in the second round.

During the draft coverage. I believe there was speculation that the Broncos traded with Cincinnati to move up ahead of the Pats and the Cowboys for a RB. It turned out they were targeting a LB in round one and they were content to use their first choice in round two, which was ahead of the Cowboys, as it remained, on a RB.

I agree it would have been more dramatic had the Broncos traded with Washington when Washington was on the clock.

I agree the situation is similar to the Texans and CBs, or even WRs last year, with Charles Roger. We will never know if the Texans would have taken DeAngelo Hall this year, or Charles Rogers last year.

Originally Posted by Huge
But it still wouldn't change the fact that Jones was invited to Dallas for an interview (as well as interviewing his brother Thomas during the free agency period) before the draft and Bell wasn't.
It is obviously to a teams advantage to keep their intentions confidential, to avoid teams trading ahead of them and taking their pick (while we will never know, CC has suggested he became aware of other teams interests and traded up for Babin). Accordingly, I don't find the information you've suggested about interviews to be compelling.
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