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Default The Texans and Colts....

I want to get your input about the game this coming Sunday. I don't think either team has ability to blow the others out of the dome. I am a die hard colts fan and also I consider myself to be somewhat formidable to talk to. I do believe this game like many others will be an offense showdown. I know, and you know we aren't going to keep you from the end zone as for our defense is extremely inadequate, and I also know your defense has it's weakness’s as well. A.J. scares me, he can man handle our corners but I am hoping the addition of sanders will at least install some fear in the guys cutting across the middle of the field. Somehow our team isn't as terrible stopping the run, and in fact are ranked somewhat high in stopping the run, but with a good QB like Carr the play action may cause us some problems beyond the ones we already have. After sitting through Monday nights game I hope we punt every ball out of bounds, regardless of where it leaves you on the field, a play from scrimmage is better than you kicking it back to us on the next play. I also am behind on my homework, how is Dom feeling this week?. He is a great RB, I had him in fantasy football, and know he is capable of causing our defense a headache. Either way just want to lurk this week and talk some football, I have no intention of talking smack, nor calling anyone names, so I hope to hear from you all in the next few days.
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