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The Logic is simple.

The Broncos trade up to have a CHOICE between Bell and Jones.

They took Bell.

I think we are all entitled to form an opinion about the Broncos abilities to evaluate RB talent. I believe HUGE injected Portis into this discussion.

When the Cowboys used their second pick, they had NO CHOICE. Bell was gone.
So we all agree that Denver had Bell rated above Jones. Where we disagree is that this doesn't mean that if one team has one player rated above the other (Denver with Bell over Jones), it automatically means Dallas had him rated higher as well.

A better example than the Wilfork **** is Deangelo Hall and Dunta Robinson. Did the Texans "settle" for Robinson because Hall was taken a couple of picks before? If not, how do you know this?

And no, I wasn't the one that injected Portis into this discussion. Read on...

If DD gets 2000 yards, that means he had 350+ carries. I'd kinda like to see him have a nice long career and that's certainly not the best way to approach it for a guy whose durability may be an issue.

His goals should look like this IMO (guess the RB):

Yds Carries Avg TD Long
1591 290 .....5.5 14 65
That's aj's post...not mine. I merely answered his question "(guess the RB)".

I only suggest that the Cowboys MAY have wanted the option to draft Bell. The option the Broncos had when they traded in front of them. We will never know for sure.
They had the option of drafting any RB in the draft (none were taken by the time Dallas was on the clock in the first round). They chose to trade down. Even after trading down, they still had the option of Greg Jones, Michael Turner, Mewelde Moore, etc. And of all those players, Julius Jones was the only one that was invited to Dallas before the draft (this we know as fact).

Teaching who? Mistril48 merely suggested that the Cowboys were looking at Bell based on a logical progression. You were just making up fantasy as fact. Isn't there a difference there somewhere?
There would be a difference if there was a "logical progression".
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