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But Wilfork was off the board 7 picks before we made the deal to get Babin. Casserly traded up to get Babin after Wilfork was taken, so I just cant see what you mean by "they settled" on Babin. It wasnt like they traded up to 27 when 26 was on the clock and Wilfork was on the board and the 26 pick took him. They traded up knowing Wilfork wasnt there.
If a trade doesn't happen (Texans moving up to 20th or higher) doesn't mean a team wasn't trying (going after the player they wanted).

However, the whole Wilfork ordeal is only an example of how to not make baseless statements without having anything to support it. Kind of like if somebody else was to say the Cowboys wanted Tatum Bell all along but settled on Julius Jones.

See my point?
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