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Originally Posted by TexanSuperstar
Well i'm gonna put in my opinion. If the fans have bad attitudes it will rub off on the players and we will do bad. I've seen it done, my high-school actually. Almost the whole school thinks we will lose every game. So since they have a bad attitude it rubs off on our players so guess what we do, we lose. Our record this season was horrible. we only won 1 game! I know the Texans are WAY different then a hs team but we need to still show support.

Yeah the high school sucked this year but hey they moved to 5A !!! Only way it will rub off on the Texans players if there starts beign a lot of empty seats, and i dont think one loss will change how we fill about them, they should come out swinging next week i just hope they dont have a hangover from the Broncos game !
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