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We'll never know if when the Cowboys traded down they were hoping for Bell.
You seemed pretty certain of yourself earlier. Wait, lemme see...

Dallas was probably trying to copy the Texans and get both an offensive linemen AND their choice at running back .... TATUM BELL.
Yeah, that was you. Now it's "we'll never know"?

Here's what we do know:

1. Julius Jones was invited to Dallas before the draft...Tatum Bell was not.
2. Julius Jones was called after Dallas traded out of the first and was told that if he was there in the 2nd, they were taking him. Tatum Bell was not called.

When the Texans traded up for Babins, it makes no sense to say 'settled'. You trade up because you have a strong conviction, like the Broncos did with Bell over Julius.
I'm referring to their failed attempt to trade up to #20 or higher to take Wilfork. Since they didn't get the player they really wanted (Wilfork), they settled on Babin (even if they still had to trade up to get him).
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