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i think for the most part all of us agree that glenn earl needs to be our starter at SS...i agree...eric brown is looking lost on passing plays and isn't making a difference on the runs

the rest of our defensive backs i think are ok...glenn is getting up there in years...but i wouldn't move coleman from FS just yet

I'm not gonna touch the mckinney issue with a ten foot pole

As for the DL...i love the idea of us drafting spears moving smith to NT and hoping that walker snaps out of it and starts performing again

Foreman is what he is...i've said this so many times before i believe it's lost all meaning...but here we go the 3-4 cannot have two impact players at the ILB position...sorry folks you just can't...Foreman is a great compliment to Sharper...Foreman isn't there to make all the plays that's Sharper's job so lay off of foreman...i'll agree he needs to be more aggressive but i wouldn't move Wong right now...he's having a career year at ROLB position...if you want to move anybody it would have to be Peek...i think trying him next to sharper might be interesting
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