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Originally Posted by SBTexans08
As it was mentioned before....the Texans laid an egg....bout it. Nobody except for Carr played at their potential. Missed tackles, missed FG, dropped passes, O-line bending, secondary gettin name it. Every team so far this year has laid an egg. It was bound to happen.......I just hope it's the last cause really.....this game was the game I expected that egg to be laid on. Since before the season started I predicted a loss w/Denver.

Tonight we and the Texans see just what we can exploit on Indy....we all know we'll need it because of Mr. Co-MVP. The entire team wasn't on top of their where near it. I don't expect another game like this the rest of the season. It's behind us now so let's go and get the rest!!! It's time to crank the heart and soul of this team up to it's max!!! 10-6/Divison champ/'04 playoff we come!!

Hey, even if it doesn't happen....these guys, with the exception of the Denver game, have played solid this season........that I can be proud of in this season's conclusion! We get a solid RB in the draft and playoffs next year is a given!
so ya didnt think D.D looked any better against Denver ? I think he showed he still has that burst of speed through the hole and looks like he's getting his shifty feet back as well ! I say stick w/ D.D in my opinion !
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