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Here's a thought...let's let the season playout then start yelling "Off with their heads!". The bottom line is that we aren't changing the roster until at least FEB 2005. Nobody was griping about Foreman or the D-line or the TE crew when we were putting up W's the last few weeks.

Foreman is not a star by any means but he could in fact start for quite a few teams out their and he is a young guy that will continue to improve. LBs effectivness is directly related to the D-line. I agree that we should start looking for some quality D-line help in the draft since that position is key to the 3-4 scheme working. I notice that Seth Payne had a fantastic game and not too long ago several posts hammered him for not coming back to his form of early last year.

As for the TE's...I think that Reddevil63 said it best "Tough to judge when they aren't getting balls thrown at them". Billy can be effective as can Bruener...I honestly don't see Joppru coming thru. Given the fact that we are starting to go with Spread 3's for our base offensive set it is forcing nickle coverage which will benefit Miller in the long run. That being said Bruener could probably play OG for some teams in the league and when we go with 2 TE sets that is a great combo.
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