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Default Best Wishes from a Broncos Fan

Hey Texan fans!

I just got back from the Broncos game and, although we won, I have to say I am impressed by the quality of players you have.

Carr looked very calm and commanding. Had the score been alot closer in the 2nd half I think the Texans production would have been better because you could have kept the run threat alive.

Your fans showed alot of class in Denver's boards this week. We are so used to chiefs and raiders fans poluting our message boards with filth that it was a refreshing change. Also I watched David Carr toss a football to a kid in the stands even though the kid had a Broncos Jersey on. That was classy.

I like the Texans style, and I hope you give it to Jacksonville (remember they beat us because of a fumble). We have Indianapolis in week 18 so we'll try our best to lower their standings for you too.

Good luck and I hope you guys make the playoffs. You're definantly a class act!

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