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We have seen some very bad play calling in the last several games even though we won. I will go back to last week and mention the 3rd and 1 on the 2. They tried to pass. You run on that play and that's all there is too it. Today your team is scored against with less than two minutes on the clock and you are in disarray and you try 3 passes deep in your own territory and run no time off of the clock. That roughly two minute period before the half was the ball game despite how badly we played. If you look back over the Huston record you will see that that has occurred in the past on more than one occasion. Again as people mention, late in the 3rd you might as well run the ball or pass it when you are down that far rather than punt. That I could tolerate as they just wanted to get out of Denver without having a worse score. They had given up at that point. Some of you will be all over me, because you think I'm pass, pass, pass. However, what you are not understanding is that this coaching staff is terrible from an offensive point of view. To me its like they have no concept of what one should do when they have the ball. They really do the opposite of what they should on a lot of occasions. We have won despite their ineptness. Did the players play badly and they should have their *********ts kicked, but the coaches need theirs kicked to. They were flat ****** outcoached today.
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