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Default Broncos game thoughts

Well, we came out of the gates playing the kind of football we wanted. DD was getting decent YPC, Carr was spreading the ball, and the D was stopping the Broncos running game. It just seemed like we couldn't make the big plays (ie. converting third downs, stopping third downs) and the Broncos not only did that but also had several long, LONG plays that made our secondary look pretty inept. Not that it was all on the secondary's shoulders, Plummer and his o-line were buying alot of time.

- Was Eric Brown benched in favor of Glenn Earl? Not sure if he was injured or otherwise, but I thought Earl performed pretty admirably. I saw him around the ball alot, and saw him running behind a receiver much less than I saw Brown doing same.

- Carr was having more trouble than normal today. I think that's partly attributable to the Broncos playing more so against the pass basically the entire 2nd half, and partly because his receivers (AJ, Armstrong) had a few drops, regardless of the difficulty of the catch. When you're getting sacked, having batted balls and the like, you'd atleast like your receivers to go make some big plays for you. He also just didn't have the accuracy he needed on some throws.

- Wells would have had a terrible day on ST despite the fact he returned the blocked punt.

- Babin had some nice hurries, Robinson showed exactly how fearless of a hitter he really is *thud*, and Peek put his explosiveness on showcase.

- The Broncos just plain beat us in every phase of the game. Their offense outperformed our defense, their defense outperformed our offense, we were outcoached (see: Capers, Palmer, or whoever calling the QB sneak, and then wasting a challenge on a spot that was accurate and not overturnable due to lack of evidence to prove otherwise), and the Broncs just seemed to have better field position.

- We're still a competitor for the division. We have enough talent to be better than a .500 team right now, IMO. As has been stated a zillion times we just need to develop consistency and a solid gameplan for each opponent we face. Easier said than done, but regardless, I think if we can pull ourselves back together for the next couple games we'll be a serious contender for the division.
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