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With the success of the Astros and Red Sox, maybe everyone was thinking playoffs for our Texans. This is the NFL, and anything can happen.

But we are still a few pieces short IMO. We can't win too many so that we can get DJ (Derrick Johnson) from UT. His hustle would look great kicking A** with the Texans.

Maybe he will bring the main things I think we're lacking, both on defense: A nasty attitude and a true leader. Someone who wouldn't let us get down after halfway through the first quarter like today. Sharper is great for the D (leader-wise), but we need more.

Also, we need some bigger bodies on each of the lines to wear down people. Big and talented, of course. We see what happens when we have Seth Payne back. He is looking like he is just now getting back to 100%. Too many games we are losing the war in the trenches.

"I'm going to win them over regardless" -Mario Williams
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