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Originally Posted by Mistril48
I agree with HUGE. Dallas was probably trying to copy the Texans and get both an offensive linemen AND their choice at running back .... TATUM BELL.

Bummer that the Broncos took him right before the Cowboys pick. Oh well. Maybe they can convince people they wanted Julius anyway.

Broncos ... Portis ... Tatum Bell. Now I know why Portis was on Huge's mind.
Dallas traded out of the bottom of the first, picked up a first next year and a 2nd and 5th this year.

Houston traded into the bottom of the first by giving up a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th.

Trying to copy the Texans?

Why was Portis on my mind? Quick, name all the RBs that averaged 5.5 ypc with over 1,500 yards last season...

But heresay is always fun. Guess it's a shame the Patriots took Vince Wilfork at #21 before the Texans could trade up to at least #20 and take the defensive player they really wanted. Too bad they had to settle for Babin.
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