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Play calling is the name of the game. Someone eluded to us not running the ball earlier and how all us were calling for the pass. I would like to say at a critical call in this game the coaches failed again. To begin with you run when you should and don't when you shouldn't. Our coaching staff seems to be doing the opposite. Last week at a critical time on 3rd and 1 on the two they pass the ball. This week with less than two minutes to go after the other team has scored and you are deep in your own territory, you don't pass the ball three times in a row for three and out and you don't kill anytime off of the clock. That was a key point in this ball game and was a killer morale wise.

This really has been a bad ball game and I was worried that this would be the case. I feel we do not match up well against teams that really run the ball well and that has been the case.

Yes, the coaching staff needs to look at their play calling.
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