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Originally Posted by Vinny
People complain about the draft and how we supposedly traded away our draft or paid a "high price" for Babin but the bottom line on this draft is 7 players made the team from this draft and we didn't trade any future picks...
Bold mine

Exactly right.

Posters who want to attack the Texans, probably because they have been so successful, would love to see this pick (or Joppru, or Hollings) fail. EVery team will have picks that don't work out. It happens ... it just happens less to the Texans.

The Texans get it. Don't worry about other teams drafting good players. It happens. Just pick the players you are comfortable with ... that fit your philosophy and try to develop them as best you can.

Imagine that the Texans draft 20th next year. They will have 1 pick out of the first 51 (32+19) and that pick will be after 20 players have already been selected. You can't worry about what other teams get. They will also get some good players. Get over it.
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