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Number19, thank you for your excellent post.
Originally Posted by Number19
... Any game plan which pounds the ball with a running attack - that is, running plays exceding passing plays - I consider conservative. Capers himself admits he uses the running game to set up the passing game.
I guess I've just survived a season where you just assume that if someone is using the expression 'conservative' then they are making a negative statement. Also, many with a lot less thoughtful positions than you just throw out the line that Capers is too conservative if he doesn't pass every play.

I believe that Capers does like to use the run to set up the pass, because generally it is winning football. I'm confident, however, that if Capers' analysis of a matchup, or situation, favored passing 70%, or 80% of the time, he would do it. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Capers come out in a game with 10 straight passes, if the matchup dictated. (they would have practice reps on those plays)

Originally Posted by Number19
The thing is, rule changes favor the downfield passing game - and to keep up with these changes, a strategy of using the passing game to set up the running game makes more sense than it did a decade ago.
I don't disagree about rule changes favoring passing and the pass setting up the run, although with any generalization it isn't always true. I believe it's very much a game by game decision. Against Jacksonville, the talk is less about running and passing, IMO and more about "you can't run against those big DTs." I think Capers and his staff designed an approach to attack the DTs and be successful. I sure didn't expect it. I believe the Texans gameplan dominated the Jaguars, beyond the score.

I think the Texans use the pass to set up the run in that teams see the pass game on tape and it is the pass game they are afraid of.

Originally Posted by Number19
Today, it is common for the best ratings to excede 100. Culpepper has 124.0. A ROOKIE - ROETHLISBERGER - HAS A RATING OF 100.1. Carr's current rating is 97.8.
Common perhaps, but it's more than Pennington, Brady, Warner, Testaverde and Leftwich have.

By the way, I think Big Ben's comparision is a little unfair in that Ben has a good O-line, good running game, good WRs and a good defense. Remember Carr's rookie year?
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