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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
Here's what McLain thinks about the Denver Game.... I'm a little worried about this week's game for match up reasons. Generally, I think we are vulnerable to the running game and that's why we were beat by SD. KC wasn't where they are at right now and we were fortunate that was the case. Denver can obviously run the ball very well, and should they get the lead, we may not have that many scoring possessions. We must get an early lead and maintain it or it will be a long weekend. I think Carr has to come out hot and ready to go. We can not afford 3 and outs at the beginning of this ball game. Denver is not going to pass until we stop their running game, so QB pressure is probably not going to be an issue in the beginning unless they have spoted something about our secondary. Their tendency is run, run, and run again if they can.

I have to disagree with you,,,,payne And walker look to be getting their old form back and thats why we have been so good against the run latley ! Our line backers have been getting to the ball and our secondary has been playing very tight coveragae !!! I think theres a reason we lead the league in INTs,,,,that also has to do with pressure ! I think the D can handle Denver,,,they may get a 100 rushing yards on us but not enough to worry bout !
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