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Originally Posted by dalemurphy
How can everyone not be thrilled with both 1st round picks so far?... and our 4th (Earl) for that matter.

Robinson and Babin are already starting players on the defense and both are strengths of this team- and they've only played 7 games. Babin isn't going to have 12 sacks this year, but he is creating pressure and he's doing it without shirking his run and containment responsibilities all while learning a new position. Just watch. If Denver tries to take advantage of him on play-action rollouts, Plummer will be turning right into two heavily tatooed arms.

KUDOS to Casserly and the scouting department for excellent draft picks and free agent signings- we've got quite a talented, enjoyable, and young team to watch for the next few years.

ANd speaking of that why isnt Earl back out there when he played against KC he looked very good,,,but brown also looked good back out there last week ! Might be scared of losing his job to the rookie ! Yeah and that was L.T Babin had that late hit on !
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