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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
Babin sucks peeks tha man ( YEAH RIGHT )
Why some people are stuck up peeks A** i dont understand
heres the facts get em straight
When its the rush peeks always late
looks stupid out there all alone
while the opposing teams RB's running to End Zone
Thank god we have babin to stop the run
cause if priest had scored 4 td on us it wouldnt be fun
So listen now and listen good
Peek is the back up is that understood ???

Funny how all this is said, and i have a feeling in my direction but a previous quote from this same person "Yeah when he's in there trying to spin of the O-line he gets nowhere (occasionally gets pressure) He needs to use his hands a little more and spin a little less, and it seems like he tries to run around the oline sometimes and you cant do that, unless you expect our secondary to cover the WR all day !" is exactly the points i have already made in the past. Interesting a little bit to me.
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