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Default Inside NFL predictions

Ok, so I dont really care for the predictions from the Inside the NFL show on HBO. All four of them picked denver to win over the Texans, since none of them think denver will loose 3 in a row, and at home. However, what really gets me is later in the show they speak how denver cant win games if they dont run the ball or get shutdown running the ball. Did they watch the Houston/Jags game? Did they miss the texans defense shutting down the run on one of the best RB's in the league? They even mentioned that the vikings said the Texans Defense was the best defense in the league they have seen this year. Do they listen to themselves speak? Plummer is also throwing interceptions like crazy, and you all know that the Texans defense has sticky hands. This is a game for our D to shine, and show the league we arnt the newbies anymore.

Go Texans!
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