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Originally Posted by Grid
I dont think football is a game for youngsters the way that baseball or soccer is.

I think the nuances of football are just too much for a young mind to really appreciate .. i know when I was younger.. i watched the superbowl and that was about it.. but id watch baseball 24/7.. and I played baseball as well, so that is probably why.

When I got older.. I learned to love football. I think alot of kids will take the same route I did.
This was the way things were with me when I was young as well. I didn't start getting into football until the Texans inception. When I was in high school and the Oilers were about, I knew of the general activities and success, but never watched games or cared to pay much attention. It wasn't until I was in college and the Texans showed up that I really became interested. Other than the big hits, it just isn't a game that appeals to the younger generation. But it has such a HUGE appeal to the older generations, that I don't really forsee it losing any large amount of popularity anytime soon.
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