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So fans who say this one will be a tough one to win somehow means they are not supporting or standing by their team? Funny
Well no one said those who say this will be a tough game is not supporting their team, my point was for those who were already "predicting" them to lose, how much support can that be??? All games are tough...That parts a no brainer.

My only expectation for the Texans are to do their best, so i don't feel this makes me or anyone else with this type of expectation a " BLIND HOMER" I feel they can pull this off tough game and all. If they don't, i'll say they gave it their best shot, But i WILL NOT say, this games too tough for them to win. I HOPE they win, but i EXPECT them to do their best. Thats being realistic...And for those who can't understand the point i am trying to make, then just call me "HOMEY" LOL....GOOOO TEXANS!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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