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I couldn't have said it better myself Texanstruefan....Every game we played the odds were against us according to all the big shots on Espn,, not to mention all the others....Even with homefield advantage not many thought we could pull it off with these good teams we've played, and we did....Yet, ppl still continue to doubt....Well i don't.....I know the Texans can pull this off... Remember, sometimes the angrier and more desperate you are, the worse you mess up, which is what i think will happen to the broncos....It started with the bengals, then they were even more desperate with the falcons and messed up even more....Now they are scared because their playing a confident team, TEXANS!!!!!.....Desperation produces mistakes, Confidence produces results.....My prediction still stands: TEXANS 27, BRONCOS 10.....That is if the Texans even let them score..... I'll always stand behind my team, GOOD AND BAD....

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