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Peek has had every opportunity to crack the starting lineup. He's been a starter for some games, been through 2 training camps and still has not been able to unseat a veteran. Babin is better, that is just a fact. He has the smarts, power and speed to hold his position on every play. Peek is simplay more of a project than Babin, Peek probably is taking more time to excel at the position of OLB, similar to progression that Joey Porter, Jason Gildon, Mike Vrabel and many others that have had to convert to a 3-4 system coming out of college. Peek is perfect right now for where he is positioned, 3rd down pass situations. He is slowly being brought along and should be able to crack a spot next year, typically the time when players like him start to grasp the system. I've watched Babin pretty close, as pretty much everyone has, and he is looking very solid for being a rookie in the 3-4. Could the same be said for Peek if he were inserted there in his rookie year? No, he had his share of troubles last year.
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