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the team i have the biggest problem being ranked behind is KC, first of all their record is 3-4 and we beat them. i do realize they have been playin well of late, but SO HAVE WE we have won 4 of 5 with the only loss an overtime game with a vikings(with Moss) team that espn regards very highly(no 7). Green Bay has been so inconsistent this year, they got absolutely humiliated by Tennessee, whom we beat up on. and we beat down Jacksonville this weekend and they are waaaay ahead of us. to me this is indicative of the fact that the Houston name so far has been synonymous with being a poor/mediocre team. i think we all agree that this team is a damn good one right now. the schedule ahead for us is most likely the toughest in the league, but it is a blessing because winning those games are the only way to establish ourselves as a good FRANCHISE rather that just a good team. thats when the respect comes. lets hope Carrs ankle is good to go because when he's on a roll there are few that are better, and he's rolling right now.
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