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Originally Posted by Htown34s
The way I see this Babin vs. Peek thing is the that Babin has more upside, especially his ability to cover a TE. He may not have the huge motor that Peek does, but close. But he has a lot of other tools that Peek doesn't like the ability to drop into pass coverage.

I thought this was well known and that the coaches have even said this before. Peek is a 100% pass rush guy, and a good addition to the team. He is just more of a specialty type player.

Peek got burned last year when trying to cover a TE. Babin got confused a few times in preseason, but has been right on top of guys during coverage lately.

Am I wrong on this?
I believe peek has had to cover some TE routes this season, without getting burned. The argument is not coverage, its the run stopping. And i have a feeling that if he was in on non-passing downs, he wouldnt be running all over the place like everyone says. But I guess everyone thinks of him as a simpleton who is only capable of running forward. I once again bring up something that ive said before, 100+ tackles his senior year in college, Im sure quite a few of those were stopping the running back, and that also led his team. Maybe like i have said his development would be improving at a faster rate if he too had some playing time. My whole argument this year is taht if everyone says just give babin some time to get use to playing, you cant say Peek wouldnt benefit from a similar opportunity.
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