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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
It's true, the Power Rankings (ESPN's or for that matter anyone elses) mean nothing. It's just a Teusday thing for me. This time of year I live for Texans news and comments so my own schedule goes something like this...

Sunday: Texans play football, all is good with the world. When they win I'm happy the rest of the day, when they lose I'm grumpy the rest of the day.

Monday: I get to read about the Texans in the Chronicle. It's the only day I go out and buy a newspaper. The rest of the week I read what's online. MNF is of interest to me slightly unless it's a game featuring an AFC South team or someone we're about to play the next week.

Teusday: Power Rankings come out. They don't mean anything but it's Teusday so there's just not much going on.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: I look around and try to find something about the Texans in all the usual places. By Friday it seems like there's nothing new to read and I'm getting pretty desperate for Texans football again.

Saturday: The longest day of the week because tomorrow is football day.

Then it's back to Sunday and we start it all over again. Bye weeks are hell though.
live for football. right on man
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