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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
Well you're certainly entitled to your opinion. I don't think I'm selling the Texans short though. I know they're good but I also know that NFL seasons are long and filled with chances for things to turn around 180 degrees. Look farther up the thread and you'll see that I've already said that there's not a single game left on our remaining schedule that we are incapable of winning.

I'd stop short of predicting a 13-3 season though. Just because we "can" beat any of these teams doesn't mean we will. I'd call it "realistic" as opposed to not knowing how good we really are.
As a true fan i have to aim high. why not go for it all. how do you get there if you don't thrive for it. i think there where a few patriots fan who aimed for it all when everyone else doubted. i bet those fans enjoyed the ride a lot better than the doubter fans. Carr-Johnson-Great Defense=playoffs add a good running game and look out.
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