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Originally Posted by georgewashington
didnt run too well at him? they only ran 10 times. I bash him because there is no excuse for giving up on a pash rush. and if you watched he really didnt collapse the pocket that well, and yes i do say this every week because it happens every week. call me a babin hater or whatever else but as long as i see him giving up on plays before they are over there is not going to be any respect from me, no excuse to stopping during a play with your back to the ball that many times.
And it was 10 times for like 21 yards. They didnt run much because they basically couldnt. You know what that means? Babin was good in run D. He will get a hang of rushing the QB just give him time. Whens the last time you were just able to run around a 6 and a half foot 300+ lb Offensive Tackle? You see giving up, I see him fighting his guts out.
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