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Baltimore is a contender? THEY ARE BY FAR THE MOST OVERRATED TEAM IN THE NFL!!! How do they win? Defensive turnovers. I'm sorry, but a team that is dependent on defensive turnovers to win because their offense blows so much is NOT a good team by any means. I don't think they even make the playoffs. Geeze! They have the same feakin' record that we do! What makes them so special? It's not like their schedule has been any more difficult than ours. Just because you've got Deon Sanders and you get a whole lot of media attention on Sports Center doe NOT make you a good football team. It's all media hype! OVERRATED, OVERRATED, OVERRATED!!!

A lot of these commentators are ****. I respect a lot of them for their success in the league, but aren't very good commentators. They make assumptions off of stat sheets and highlight reels. Now that's a great way to judge a team's success (sarcasm).

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