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Angry Horrrendoobiousnessss!!!!!!

Originally Posted by supertankman
"I think the Texans have done well so far, but after looking at the remaining teams on their schedule, things could get ugly"
This post is by far the worst I've seen to date, I had to cut most of it off.
The only chance Denver has to beat us is if Elway came out of retirement and we all know that ain't gonna happen. As for the rest of the chokers, if we stay healthy and Davis steps up we should blow the comp out of the way. The Texans are proving to the world how good they really are. I visited the Bronco mania boards and even they refer to Carr as "The Elway WE Wish We Had." They even offer to trade. haaaaaaa!!!

You were probably one of the people afraid of the Kitty Cats....

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