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Originally Posted by phan1
Yeah, this is BS IMO (as well as most everyone on this board). We pretty much dominated on all facets of the game. Yeah, we both had some calls from both sides that really could have changed the game, but we did deserve to win. We were definitely the better team Sunday.

As for that late hit on Carr, this might be a lesson to Carr actually. I think he might have slowed down after throwing away the ball thinking, "I threw the ball away so this guy is not going to hit me." As a QB, avoid danger at every point in the play and don't assume that the guy isn't going to hit you. He probably could have dodged that hit. I would definitely preferr that our QB go untouched rather than getting getting the "roughing the passer" call any day of the week.

Also, I am concerned about losing our cool out on the field. Particularly with Peek, who has been known to be overly aggressive after the play is over. There were a few scuffles on Sunday that I would rather not have seen, and it seems like Peek is always in the middle of it. The last thing we need are unnecessary flags on the field. It will absolutely cost you games. Look at the Carolina game from last year! If Peek ever causes an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, I will go insane!
Overly aggressive? He didnt get any penalties, there is nothing wrong with him throwing a little verbal taunt at a guy that just got smacked returning a punt. This is the NFL not preschool, they all talk all game, and their return man just got mad. And then Peek and someone else went over to their sidelines when the whole jags team was pushing Wells around. I am all for teammates sticking up for each other. You dont let the other team push anyone around, especially at your home. I would go more insane if they sat there and watched a four on one scuffle. Its just like baseball pitchers, you hit my teammate, i hit one of yours. And its like in hockey, you take a cheap shot at my team, i come punch you in the face and take a 2 min. penalty.
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