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Stating someone doesnt know what they are talking about is a personal attack, by definition it is attacking them and their opinions. Its no different then coaches making decisions on people they like and dislike. Thats why 4th and 5th rounders can make better players than 1st rounders and the coaches still pick people over them. They see different things out of the same situations. And if it was unduly i wouldnt ahve said that he made good plays or that he would be good in the future. And its not misinformation if its factual, based on stats and observation. Its like a lesson in science. You can have two people look at the same data and see the same things but come out with different results. That doesnt make either of them right or wrong. So maybe you can get off of your soap box as the all powerful and all knowing administrator and calm down. If your opinions are so much better than mine and everyone elses then why arent you really working for the texans as a scout?
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