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Originally Posted by Grid
before, i would have just said that D.Davis is off.. he isnt playing like he did last year and that the fumbles early in the season got in his head.

But the jags game was my first game this year, and getting to see it in person has changed my mind. He is still running the same way he did last year.. the difference is the zone blocking.

When he was allowed to hide behind his linemen.. instead of just shooting through a hole.. he was able to juke the defenders and get those extra yards. DD is great at breaking arm tackles.. but he cant overpower a big linebacker or Dlineman when he hits him straight on, and that seems to be what this Zone Blocking is doing.

I dunno if its just real obvious to the defense what we are doing or what.. but DD just seems to be running smack into the LBs. They are always waiting for him 2 yards past the line of scrimmage.

I think last years blocking scheme was just more effective for DD. Of course that doesnt explain the first two games where our zone blocking seemed to work fine.. but maybe its because those teams didnt have any tape on us? Maybe after those two games.. the teams since then have been able to see how we are doing it and shut it down? I dunno.. but obviously it isnt working anymore. Maybe its time to go back to our old way.. either that.. or we need to invest in a powerful north/south runner who can barrel his way through a linebacker for another few yards.
Good analysis! With this blocking scheme, I can see how DD's shifty, horizontal movement is wasted. We really need a Downfield runner with this blocking scheme. However, he becomes a great passing option as he can really shake people off in the open field. Either way, DD still has a place on our offense. I would definitely like a big, downfield runner to add to our arsenal though. Wells is OK, but we could do better IMO. Wells certainly hits the hole, but he doesn't break tackles. Try to get one in the draft in the 2nd round maybe?
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