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Wow where do I start. The game wasn't even close. You tack on the Gaffney equivalent to the Plaxico mistake a few years ago and we win by 27-6. Jaxs defense was ranked pretty high going into this game as we put up over 350 total yards and killed them on the time of possession. This was by far one the best defensive efforts I've seen out the Texans to date. Sharper was just all over the place and several players made some big plays, everybody showed up and was on the same page. Got to hand it to the Battle Red Day, it sure did pump the team up and those uniforms look a lot better than the white ones. I pegged this game as the most important for us because now we are within a stones throw on being in 1st place and defeated a rival. I was very happy to see Palmer open up the offense like he did because it sure did seem that they were passing more and completing high percentage passes than previous games. Carrs numbers were absolutely fantastic the 1st half. I'm glad that we are are finally see other players get into a game while Johnson is being blanketed. Carr read the defense with ease and the offensive line is just playing out of this world right now in pass protection. Carr did not even get touched except for roll outs. Coaches deserve all the credit for this one, it was a masterfull plan of attack to come out slinging. Game ball goes to them....or maybe to Stanley for the juke fake punt play. You gotta hate yourself knowing that you got ruled on by a punter. That's gotta hurt.
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