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Vinny we will disagree on this one and that's fair. I believe the Jags ran out of time at about the 19 second mark when they were getting close again. I'm sorry but 30 or 40 seconds in the last two minutes can be a lot of time. If I recall correctly in our last possssion, Wells was able to make 10 yards on carries for a 1st down. I agree that when you are in close its tough, because they bring the house. However, I still say if you analyze all of the things that could have happened and how you play the end game, it was a bad call. We survived and I'm happy. In my mind I called the fake and I was right. That was a good play, because we needed to keep our momentum and we needed to keep the Jags off of the field. We needed to run the clock down to win the game. we couldn't let them get their momentum back. Having successfully executed a well thought out gamble, we toss in the towel when we have the benefit of the gamble in sight. Its like bluffing in Texas Holdem and giving up in the end when you have driven all of the winning hands out of the game. I just hope they look at the film and rethink that play if they are in that position again. Vinny if it was 3rd and two or more for the 1st down, I would agree with the play. But we could have gotten a 1st down at the 1 and would have been able to take 3 running shots at the end zone. That would have eaten up a lot of time uncovering the piles. I'm sorry, but this is one of the times I believe they had to run and not pass the ball. You seldom hear me say that. Just as there are times to pass the ball there are times to run the ball.
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