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Originally Posted by SteelBlue
On trades, I'm only really concerned about "first day" picks. We only had a net-loss of one first day selection. We managed to resolve 3 starting spots on our first day draft, and we have a ton of non-starting types on our roster (second day picks we gave to the Titans).
I agree. The hardest thing for a developing franchise to manage, in any sport, is OPPORTUNITY. A developing team can afford to hang in there with young players and give them a full shot. The mistakes can be tolerated somewhat, because you're not going to the playoffs anyway. It gets harder to give out that opportunity as they start winning more and become closer to a playoff team. They have to manage the transition and how they give out opportunity carfeully.

The Texans had an immediate OPPORTUNITY for a young CB and OLB. They managed the draft to get the best possible candidates, in their judgement, at these positions. They only gave up so much if they would only have been able to draft players who aren't better than those already on their roster. If they drafted a guard, for instance, and he isn't any better than Weary, or Brown, who they have to cut in order to keep the new draftee on the roster, what have they lost?

It makes no sense to say "The Titans drafted a TE and two defensive lineman the Texans could have drafted. In they work out, then the Texans lost." The missing ingredient in the development formula is OPPORTUNITY. Is there OPPORTUNITY for a Texans to develop a TE, or does Joppru have that spot? The same is true with the DL. What OPPORTUNITY is there behind Walker, Payne and Smith?

We can only hope that CC and company selected the right candidates and enjoy the development of Carr, Johnson, Robinson, Babin, Gaffney, Joppru & Pitts, etc.
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