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We played very well and survived our mistakes. In particular the mistake by Gaffny was obviously very big. I don't think he will make that mistake again. He's a very young player who is really coming on strong. I feel, despite what Vinny thinks, that our coaching staff made a very bad mistake when we were on the 2 with 1 to go for a 1st and 2 for a touchdown. On 3rd down they called for a pass which was incomplete. If you analyze the play from a clock and every other point of view, it was a bad call. We are at the end of the game trying to score and run the clock down. It looked like it might cost us the game and I think it was close and Lefty certainly thought they had an opportunity to come back in his post game statements. There is no question that we left the door open and we can't do that against a mature football team like the Pats. Fortunately our defense made a couple of great plays and we survived. Just as the coaches say the players have to learn, I think the coaches do to. However, this was a very well conceived game plan and well executed by the players as a whole. Its amazing though how 1 or 2 plays can almost undo a great effort by everyone.

I'm worried about David's ankle. I believe he had trouble with it last year and he has been having quite a bit of trouble this year with it. Wiegert was commenting earlier in the week about how good it was to have David back and that he had his mobility back. I think its a bigger problem than we think. Other teams are certainly going to focus on the injury possibility. Notibly the team we play next week.

If we can stay injury free I think we have a shot of making the play offs. Earlier I made a statement that injuries are starting to catch up to a lot of teams. Today the Pats didn't have Ty and the Vikes are having problems with Moss. I think if you look at the league as a whole injuries are beginning to affect a number of the leaders. Therefore the name of the game is to play well and be injury free. If you are you may be well placed in January.

I don't look for us to move up much in the power rankings because the teams well above us lost and the teams just above and below us won. ESPN seems to be using the team record as a very big part of the rating. Its interesting we now have the same record as the Colts, Rams, Seahawks, Lions, and Ravens. The teams ahead of us Record wise are the Pats, Eagles, Vikes Jaguars, Jets, Steelers, Broncos, Falcons, Giants, and Chargers. We need to beat the Broncos next week just to get to their record. Those 1st two games hurt us a lot in the standings even though we are playing very well.

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