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Posted by supertankman
I think the Texans have done well so far, but after looking at the remaining teams on their schedule, things could get ugly

Nov 7 @Denver 4:15pm (coin toss, hard to tell who wins this one)
Nov 14 @Indianapolis 1:00pm (Indy wins this one at home)
Nov 21 Green Bay 8:30pm (Greenbay wins this one allthough its a close one)
Nov 28 Tennessee 1:00pm (Tennesee wins this one for redemption)
Dec 5 @N.Y. Jets 1:00pm (another loss, damn, i cant take much more)
Dec 12 Indianapolis 1:00pm (We finally win one after 4 straight losses)
Dec 19 @Chicago 1:00pm (We win this one and make it back to back for the third time this season)
Dec 26 @Jacksonville 1:00pm (jacksonville wins and splits the series)
Jan 2 Cleveland 1:00pm (we win this one)

Ummmmmmm......December 8th, 2002........47 total offense......Houston beats Pittsburgh 24-6, at Pittsburgh, in the Texans' FIRST YEAR??

anything is possible.......
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