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Default DD still needs some more repetition...

Dammit, you beat me to the "DD Post"! Anyway...

Well, DD didn't run too well today, and for the first time I can actually say that he is part of the problem. I've been really vocal about saying that it is the Line not opening holes for him, NOT DD. Well, I can't really say that this week. He was too tentitive in the hole today, which is odd because I've seen him hit the whole very well this year. I really like his shifty, lateral movement, but you've got to hit the whole first. He was shifting and moving before hitting the hole. He needs to start running right at the hole and then make cuts.

That all said, DD is still a threat coming out of the backfield. I've been pretty critical about us dumping the ball off to DD too often, but I really don't mind it when the ball is getting spread around to other guys. When you've got players like Gaffney, AJ, Miller, Bruner, Armstrong, and Bradford (5 guys that can all be depended on to contribute!!!), there is no reason that DD should account for 40% of your offense (like in the first few games of the season). DD should just be another option for Carr out of the backfield. No more, no less. You cannot be predictable and have linebackers waiting to make plays on DD whenever he catches a dump-off.

Plus, for a little guy, he is a GREAT BLOCKER. Usually, you really don't want these small RBs blocking for you, especially with big DEs and linebackers coming after your QB. But he just played fantastic in the passing game today. This gives him great versatility, as he can be a passing threat and be a pass blocker for Carr.

When all is said and done, I think DD is still a great contirbuter to our offense, and he is still our starting RB. I think he just needs some more repititions in the running game and get used to this "zone-blocking" scheme. Some sharing time between him and Wells would be good too. This will be a big learning year for him.

Also, I don't want to sound a little immature but it looked like we were kind of running a West-Coast Offense today! :woot Lots of 3-step drops, Carr out of the pocket, short passes, and Yac yardage for our recievers. Does that remind you of anything?

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