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Yes, this is a great game and it would be a shame for us to loose it, because of a call. We have already suffered a couple in this game and the team has played too hard to loose this game. Say what, you want, but I'm for the team and we don't need to loose this one, or for that matter, when we are in another game like this, we need to be aware of the position of the chains. We are not talking 2 or 3 yards. We are talking about 1. Didn't we dive for 1 a year ago. You have to be able to make 1 yard in this situation, because it gives you 3 shots at the goal. Not only do you have a good shot at a touchdown, but you are going to run the clock down with runs if you make it. If you don't you can make the field goal as we did. A pass can be intercepted in this case and we did not have an insurmountable lead. I'm sorry but it was the wrong call based on the position on the field and how far they had to go and what they could have had...................
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